My Ár nDraíocht Féin Dedicant Journal

When I set out to start my Dedicant Journal for Ár nDraíocht Féin:  A Druid Fellowship, I decided that I wanted to do something other than an online blog. I’ve done a lot of blogging; sometimes I feel as though I am entirely made up of words. Recently my artistic side has been clamoring for more attention, so I decided to make my DP journal ala William Blake. An easy way to do this online is through Scrapblog.  But Scrapblog doesn’t seem to support rss or atom in a way that will allow people to add scrapblogs to rss readers, so I’m getting around this by embedding by Scrapblog here. I’ll also probably pop the entries out as regular text entries here eventually.

I have a degree in Anthropology,  I’m a Classical homeschooler and I like to write. To write on ornamented pages, where I must by necessity be succinct, is good discipline for me as well as being a little artistic challenge.


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