Lares and Penates

I’ve been doing a morning devotional to the lares and penates for about a week now.  I think it’s going well; I did a three card tarot draw to ask about how it’s being received by the lares and penates and got two of swords, page of disks, six of swords. Sounds favorable to me! 🙂 I plan on slowly expanding my morning devotional. Next to be added, a hearth goddess, probably Vesta since I seem to be doing Roman things.

One of my cats has been eating select offerings. I’m not certain what I can do about this. I hiss at him when I find him on the altar, but he is a tricky beast.

My Scrapblog is down in some kind of maintenance scheme. I hope it comes back soon. If it doesn’t, I’m glad I took pictures of my pages there to put here.


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