New Year Greetings!

We seem to have a lot of beginnings in our calendar these days. There are fiscal years and school years. The Roman Catholic church year starts in August(!?!). Throw in personal years like anniversaries and birthdays, and we modern folk are starting over year around.

I’m working on a Romano-Celtic hearth,  so I have two New Years, one of which is now. There’s not much going on in the Roman festival calendar in October, and the Roman New Year is between Celtic holidays, so it makes it easy to have two separate holidays that need no blending.

I used to work with pagans who celebrated holidays like Samhain on the full moon closest to the calendar date. This did not work for me personally at all, because Samhain is Halloween so firmly in my head, it feels like pretend to celebrate it any other night. Anyhow, it’s not a lunar festival, it’s a cross quarter day. I understand what they were up to, but I think it was a little muddled.

Similarly, I find it hard to avoid this New Year. Because I’m a bit of a Jungian, I think that people’s collective expectation do shape our reality a bit, and on January 1 in our culture, a lot of people are thinking about beginnings and new years. It is, as I said to Courageous Devotion, New Year’s whether we like it or not, by way of cultural expectation.

The kalends are a couple of days away and I’m glad of it. The Roman list I subscribe to has a lot of helpful suggestions on how the kalends of January were celebrated historically.  All are complicated and needing of prior planning. Next year I’ll be better prepared. This year I will scurry. And it will be a bit like our usual family 12th night, only with some extra ritual and a couple of days early.

Annum Nouum bonum faustum felicem and sláinte mhaith!


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