Lares Compitales, or guardians of the crossroads, are a kind of Outsider in Roman household religion. Yesterday was the Compitalia in the Roman calendar, a day on which to make offerings to these lares. According to the information on the Roman mailing list I subscribe to, one offers poppies and garlic either on pottery shards or handwoven reeds. These sort of lares  seem to be wild spirits/outsiders and not ones that would be impressed with a fancy bowl!

Having no poppies available, I went with a red hibiscus plucked from the bushes we planted in our yard to go with the garlic, served up on a platter I wove from a dried frond of my lucky palm tree.

Romans believed that if a tree sprung up of its own accord on your property, it’s a lucky tree. Although palms are not at all native where I live, they do spring up on their own quite regularly. This one is right by my kitchen door. I love him (I think it’s a boy tree) and feel very blessed that he came to live with us.

So, palm frond platter, hibiscus, garlic, left at a back corner of our property (alternate location to crossroads as so not to totally freak out my neighbors). The Outsiders around us have been restless ever since I started doing offerings to the household lares and penates. I hope that my little attempt at a Compitalia will be well-received!


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