The Toad

A close up of a common toad

Image via Wikipedia

This morning a toad came to play in a puddle of water in my nature place. There are many toads in my neighborhood. In the mating season, when it rains, the sound of their love-songs can be deafening.  After heavy rains, you can catch tadpoles in almost any significant puddle of water.  This season we’re having a terrific drought, so water from sprinklers and hoses, which normally be of little interest to toads, is suddenly a precious resource.  The toad who came to visit was not very large, only about the size of a small lemon. I’m not good at sexing toads, so I can’t say whether it was a Mr. or Ms. Toad, but a young one, clever enough to avoid predators to grow up yet still tender in the world. It was a lovely toad and a lovely surprise after the dead possum of the other day. Life goes on, round and round.


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