Lughnassadh Planning


Kornmark, via Wikipedia

So far my planning for an Opiconsivia ritual for Lughnassadh is going fairly well. I’ve been pillaging the Roman ritual template by Jenni Hunt on the ADF site as well as looking at historic Opiconsivia information to see what I might use from there. I’m not going too far into the historic material though, because my goal here is to make an ADF style ritual, not a Roman re creationist one.

I want to use a lot of music, so I’m trying to think of some good harvest music to use. Someone on the “Celtic Lore” group on Paganspace posted a ten song playlist. Some of it I liked, some of it is a bit too Wiccan for me. She decided to include my suggestion of John Barleycorn even though she initially said it was too violent. Now I’m not sure I want to use it for my purposes, not because I think it’s too violent (I have nothing against some good old fashioned grain-murdering) but because it also seems kind of Wiccan to me. It very much fits with that feral myth of the Death and Rebirth of the Corn King, which I guess we now know is Completely Wrong, but not such a good fit for thanking the Goddess of the grain and her consort for a good harvest. Not that a grain murdering theme doesn’t necessarily go with that. . .

I still have a bit to figure this out, luckily for me!


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