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Why Dragonfly House?

The original Dragonfly house for our family was a historic house in Ogden, UT more properly known as Wood-Allen house. We lived in Wood-Allen house for a time. Not only did dragonflies become a decorating theme there, but many beautiful dragonflies hunted in our yard.

When we moved over 1800 miles, we discovered that at our new house, dragonflies also hunt in this new yard of ours. They’re a different species but still, dragonflies! And so we live in another Dragonfly House, though we haven’t used them so much in the decorating theme here.

Dragonflies have become a totem for me. In Asian symbology, dragonflies are light, joy, prosperity and victory. They are the creatures that always fly forward.  In Native American symbolism, dragonflies are purity, change, happiness and speed. This is the lesson I hope Dragonfly will teach me: to pursue my joy with a pure heart, always moving foward towards victory, full speed ahead! If anything I write here is helpful to anyone else, I will be thrilled beyond measure. I hope your spiritual journeys are fruitful and your time here well-spent. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for commenting. I am always thrilled to hear from you all.

ADF & Me

I discovered Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, a neopagan druidic organization, though a bit of random internet serendipity. The more I read, the more I liked their focus on learning and public action. I’m studying on the Dedicant Path, and because I’m me, I’m full of questions and goofy ideas. To all the people on the ADF mailing lists, you enrich my life and challenge my thoughts with your wonderful, thought-provoking posts. I may argue with you sometimes, but I hope you know I hold you all in highest regard and deeply respect your willingness to put your views out there for all to see.

Past Studies

Previously I’ve studied with an Eclectic Celtic Wiccan Coven, headed up a Buckland style coven and helped facilitate a CUUPS chapter. I also spent a year studying with the OTO, where I learned more about ritual in a few months than I had previously in my entire life, even counting my years growing up Roman Catholic. I owe more people than I can possibly thank or give credit to debts of honor, love and trust. All I can do is try to pay it forward. How can I help you, dear readers, on your spiritual journeys? Let me know!

These are a few of my favorite posts here on Dragonfly House:

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