Lughnassadh Planning


Kornmark, via Wikipedia

So far my planning for an Opiconsivia ritual for Lughnassadh is going fairly well. I’ve been pillaging the Roman ritual template by Jenni Hunt on the ADF site as well as looking at historic Opiconsivia information to see what I might use from there. I’m not going too far into the historic material though, because my goal here is to make an ADF style ritual, not a Roman re creationist one.

I want to use a lot of music, so I’m trying to think of some good harvest music to use. Someone on the “Celtic Lore” group on Paganspace posted a ten song playlist. Some of it I liked, some of it is a bit too Wiccan for me. She decided to include my suggestion of John Barleycorn even though she initially said it was too violent. Now I’m not sure I want to use it for my purposes, not because I think it’s too violent (I have nothing against some good old fashioned grain-murdering) but because it also seems kind of Wiccan to me. It very much fits with that feral myth of the Death and Rebirth of the Corn King, which I guess we now know is Completely Wrong, but not such a good fit for thanking the Goddess of the grain and her consort for a good harvest. Not that a grain murdering theme doesn’t necessarily go with that. . .

I still have a bit to figure this out, luckily for me!


A First Year Report with ADF & Merging Blogs


Image by peter pearson via Flickr

It’s about time for me to renew my membership with the ADF. This first year has included a lot of study as I’ve worked on the Dedicant Path coursework. Even so I don’t think I’ve yet given it the attention it deserves. Partly that’s because I’ve been distracted by my hearth culture studies. This coming year I hope to finish the Dedicant Path work and work at some syncretism between my ADF work and my Roman work. To that end, I’m considering merging this blog and my other, Tita Rufia Prisca’s House, into a single blog.

I don’t know if it’s the best idea, since there hasn’t been a lot of overlap between the two, but then again that’s part of the issue. I don’t want my Roman studies to be one thing and my ADF studies to be another. I’d like to blend them and not be so much living in some kind of pagan Separate Lives remake.

I’m still very much interested in Roman hearth culture and I don’t see that changing. I also don’t think I’m ever going to be rigorously Roman enough to fit into the Roman re-creationist scene. I had that problem with the Celtic recons too, which is how I eventually ended up at ADF. I think at ADF I can be mostly Roman with some Celtic in my practice without anyone’s heads exploding with stress over my syncretism, or my lack of desire to do it just like they did in the Golden Age of Man.

It’s been a good year. I’ve met a lot of people online who have been very generous with their knowledge and opinions. I’ve read a lot, learned a lot and enjoyed posting about it and applying things to my daily life. My first task for my coming year, which starts on Lammas for me because of when I joined ADF, will be to make my own Roman ritual for the “Lammas” spot on the ADF calendar. I’m planning an Opiconsivia ritual. The historical Opiconsivia happened later in August. I think it will make a really good fit in terms of intention and tone, and hopefully Opis and Consus won’t be too annoyed by having their day celebrated a early.